The Lodge

Upon entering the Lodge, an African adventure, filled with fun and pampering awaits all furry friends!

Mom and Dad, you are welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the lounge area, enjoying the comfort of the leather lounge suite and meeting “Henry”, our resident giraffe! Take a wander through the boutique shop where we stock outstanding items, you might find something special for your fur baby…or even yourself!


A total of 10 luxury suites ensure that a relaxed, home-style atmosphere can be maintained for all guests to enjoy.

Suites and Patio

Suites are spacious and guests can move freely, through a safety glass paneled door with enclosed doggie door from their suite to their own, private patio overlooking the garden and 10 play areas (perimeter fences are 1.8m high and inner fences are 1.5m high).  All suites and patios are fully enclosed.

Each suite is decorated to the theme of a different African animal, with room to stretch and accommodate even the largest guests. The big boys may enjoy a stay in the Elephant Apartment while the petite poppets may enjoy the comforts offered at the Meerkat Manor! Nine suites, with attached patio are a spacious 14.26 m2 while one suite and patio is a supersized 18.77 m2. Dogs from the same family are welcome to share a suite

Tiles, Underfloor Heating and Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Slip resistant porcelain tiles with underfloor heating and reverse cycle air conditioning in the suites ensure the comfort of our guests in all weather conditions.

Beds and Bedding

After a hard day of play with us, and where possible with like-minded friends in the garden all guests are ensured a good night’s rest on large, comfortable daybeds covered with plush bedding. You are welcome to bring your fur baby’s own bed, bedding and toys, as long as it can be washed and does not pose a safety hazard to your pet if used unsupervised.


A large, flat screen television in each suite provides home-style comfort and amusement during rest times. Guests are free to watch television or an animal orientated movie. Alternatively, relaxing music will send them off to dreamland! Guests are welcome to bring their own movie to watch during their stay at Khatala Pet Lodge.


For your peace of mind Mom and Dad, we have IP-cameras in each suite, which will allow you to log in via your mobile phone, tablet or web browser and watch all the antics of your fur baby whilst enjoying their stay with us.


Guests enter the garden from their fully enclosed patio. Ten, fully fenced play areas of different sizes provide ample space for pups to romp around playing with other furry friends or enjoying individual mental enrichment time, as well as quiet areas for those fur babies who need quiet space due to age, medical issues etc.

Our sensory garden will ensure visual, tactile and olfactory enrichment.

We want our guests to enjoy their stay having fun with likeminded friends in a relaxed environment. With your permission and where possible, we will have small groups of the same size and temperament playing together, while being supervised at all times.

We welcome all breed and size dogs that are dog friendly.

Complimentary Hydrobath

We want our guests to have fun, this means rolling on the lawn, digging in the sandpit and splashing in the water. Hard work that deserves a pamper session!

All guests staying for 3 days or longer will receive a complimentary hydrobath in our fully fitted grooming room to ensure they are refreshed and revitalised before going home.

All pets receive daily coat brushes to ensure we keep their coats as healthy and neat as possible.

Special Needs Pets

As a Veterinary Nurse I am able to monitor and support those guests that need extra attention. Be it for senior pets, arthritic problems, recovery post surgery, diabetes etc. Special provisions can be made in their suite in terms of bedding, incontinence, handling etc. Please discuss your pet’s special needs with us so that the required, complimentary arrangements can be made for your pet.


Medications will be administered at no extra cost, including more complicated medications such as insulin therapy.

Please ensure you discuss your pet’s medication regime with us. We require sufficient amounts of all medication. All medication, to be in the original containers, with the original directions for use on the container, as prescribed by your Veterinarian.





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