Enrichment Program

Our aim is to provide an environment where the days are filled with fun, and mental and physical enrichment games to have guests ‘all played out’ by the end of the day.

Physical enrichment

Keeping in mind the level of fitness and capabilities of each guest, a variety of games and toys are at hand to keep them occupied. Different games are played each day.

Mental Enrichment

Mental stimulation plays just as vital a role to ensure a healthy, happy hound, as does physical stimulation.

Our program includes a variety of mental stimulation games. Generally most of these are done with a very small group or individually. We rotate games during the day, and not all games are played each day. Sessions are kept short and fun.

Emotional Enrichment

All guests receive an abundance of cuddles and individual attention whilst out and about playing, doing mental enrichment or relaxing in their own suite.

During rest times, guests may take turns in spending time with us wherever we are working in the Lodge.

We strongly believe in the importance of cuddles, love and praise daily, after all, we receive as much from your pups as they receive from us!

Complimentary Pet Updates

We believe in emotional enrichment for our guests as well as our valued pet parents! Therefore, daily updates will be sent via email, text, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger with photos, to keep you updated on all the holiday adventures your fur kids get up to while you are away!


As part of their general well being, it is important for dogs to socialise with other dogs and, with your permission, and where possible, we provide the opportunity for play with small groups of likeminded friends

Our core value being ‘to care’ implies that it is imperative all pets feel and are safe at all times whilst in our care. To ensure that we achieve this, some exceptions have to be made at times.

Unsterilised pets

We will accept intact male dogs, however, hormonal influences can lead to a shift in social dynamics within groups. Therefore, unsterilised boys may not always be able to socialise with other dogs whilst in our care.

We cannot accept unsterilised female dogs at least 30 days before, during, or 30 days after a heat cycle due to the impact it has on the group dynamics, and consequently the safety of the specific dog and other guests. Any female dog which appears to be going into season will have to be collected immediately, not only for her safety, but that of all the other guests.

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