Doggy Day Stay


Please note half day and full day stays are subject to availability as we are primarily a boarding facility. Daycare is recommended for sensitive fur kids who need a trial stay and to familiarise themselves with the Lodge and Khatala family.

Daycare Admission Requirements

  • All guests to be fully vaccinated with C5 vaccination and vaccination to still be valid at the time of visit to Khatala Pet Lodge.
  • Last vaccination to be at least 14 days before visiting Khatala Pet Lodge.
  • Proof of vaccination to be provided before arrival.
  • Puppies to be at least 4 months old to ensure full vaccination program is completed.
  • All guests must be flea free. If flea treatment is given monthly, please continue with monthly routine, if not, a reputable flea program must be given approximately 3 days before arrival at Khatala Pet Lodge.
  • Please ensure your pet has been dewormed 2 to 3 days before arrival, if not given 3 monthly.
  • To ensure Khatala Pet Lodge is kept a flea free environment, all guests will be administered a Capstar tablet on admission.
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