Gourmet Meals

It is important that our guests stay happy and healthy whilst at Khatala Pet Lodge, and therefore we take great care in ensuring they receive the correct nutrition. We appreciate that different types of diets are followed at home and are happy to provide meals as close to what you offer at home as possible.

To ensure our guests enjoy a varied, tasty, yet balanced diet, they can look forward to the options of scrumptious, freshly cooked meals twice a day. Premium Black Hawk or Grain Free Ivory Coat biscuits are available as a dry food on it’s own, or offered in combination with the freshly prepared meals in our fully fitted kitchen. If your fur kids are on raw food only or wet food only diets, please discuss this with us, as there are often many variables to these diets, which we do not provide.

We use only the highest quality ingredients and meals include a variety of human grade meat, with delicious, seasonal vegetables added.

We do understand that some guests have sensitivity to different foods so please feel free to discuss this with us.

Those guests who have very strict or prescribed diets are welcome to bring their own food. Having the food made up in meal portions, marked clearly in sealed containers will ensure that we can continue the feeding regime as you would at home. Please add an extra meal or two to ensure we have sufficient meals for the entire time your pooch is in our care.


Premium Black Hawk biscuits (Chicken and Rice flavour)
Grain Free Ivory Coat biscuits (Turkey and Duck flavour)
Chicken mince
Chicken breast
Beef mince
Kangaroo mince
Fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruit
Brown rice and pasta

We now also offer premium Prime100 Single Protein Diet rolls in combination with Black Hawk or Ivory Coat biscuits. Flavours included Turkey and Flaxseed roll or Chicken and Brown Rice roll. Other flavour rolls available on request.

Gourmet Healthy Treats

A hard day’s play deserves recognition!

Our furry friends can look forward to a healthy, complimentary treat during the day, from something cool and refreshing in the summer months to something warmer in the winter months.

Some guests may have a sensitivity to certain food products, please inform us of this so that we can ensure to give treats that will not cause any digestive or skin issues. Owners are most welcome to bring their own treats should their pet be on a strict or prescribed diet.

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