A Day At Khatala Pet Lodge

Breakfast is served!…
after a quick early morning nature call.

Guests are given time to relax after breakfast before play can start for the day. While our guests move out to play, rooms are cleaned.


Guests are taken to the grassed exercise areas where they can play with likeminded friends, where possible and granting owners have given their permission.

During this time we focus on different types of play that promote physical and mental stimulation for each guest. For more detail, please visit our Enrichment Program page.

*Playtime may vary depending on weather conditions.


After a busy morning of play and enrichment our guests are given time to relax in their suites or patio area. At this time they can watch a television program or their favourite movie.

Guests may also have the opportunity to spend time with us wherever we may be working in the Lodge…maybe a snooze under the office desk? This time is also utilised for individual cuddle and coat brushing sessions.

Stretch legs!

Guests have an opportunity to stretch their legs outside or have a short play with likeminded friends.

*Duration may vary depending on weather conditions.


Guests can enjoy another play session for the afternoon, and again the enrichment program is followed to ensure that all guests have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the program, whilst also having fun with friends.

*Playtime may vary depending on weather conditions.

Dinner is served!…
then a final evening nature call.

Cuddles and kisses before the lights are dimmed with soft, piped music ensuring a good nights rest.

Our home is only 15metres from the Lodge and we will be monitoring all guests via the IP cameras up to the point when we go to sleep.


*The daily routine is adapted seasonally and according to the weather conditions.

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